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    Three sizes and with a
    cover for every climate.

    Astreea igloos comes in three sizes. The frames are aluminum tube constriction machined for a perfect fit. All three sizes assemble in a similar manor and are all UL approved. Igloos are available with or without the internal lighting system. A model M is perfect for a back yard patio for a couple looking to expand or enhance their outdoor season and lifestyle while the XL rivals the largest gazebos for style and space in any location.

    The igloo frames take two people just about 20 minutes to set up. Igloos may be ordered with your choice of covers. Match your cover with the season or the climate.


        Model M – 6.7 ft

    up to 5 people 7.5 ft height
    6.7 ft diameter 55 lbs

        Model L – 10.5 ft

    up to 8 people 8.2 ft height
    10.5 ft diameter 80 lbs

        Model XL – 13.8 ft

    up to 16 people 8.2 ft height
    13.8 ft diameter 110 lbs

    Astreea Downtown
    can be manufactured
    in 4 sizes.

        Available sizes:

    3x6 (72x36x83.46in) 6x6 (72x72x83.46in)
    9x6 (72x108x83.46in) 12x6 (72x144x83.46in)

    Astreea Downtown
    can be manufactured
    in 4 sizes.

        Available sizes:

    3x6 (72x36x83.46in) 6x6 (72x72x83.46in)
    9x6 (72x108x83.46in) 12x6 (72x144x83.46in)

    UL Certification.

    Astreea Igloo has been tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
    for both commercial & residential use in the united states. UL certification
    demonstrates to our customers that safety and durability of the Astreea Igloo
    is our highest priority.


    to Igloos.

    astreea, a division or
    ARSAT Industries.

    As aircraft component manufacturing slowed in 2020, The astreea igloo concept was born. Precision and quality is what we do every day, building an igloo like an airplane just came natural to us.

    The Astreea Igloo is built to last.It’s made of the highest quality materials sourced in the United States & Europe. Our retailer partners have the best quality product to offer their customers.

    Manufactured in
    The European Union

    Astreea enjoyed a current production capacity of 3000 igloos per week and can scale rapidly to meet any buyers demand. Our textiles and aluminum are all manufactured by European suppliers. Electrical components are all UL certified. Astreea uses over 100 CNC cutting technology machines for precision cuting and igloo manufacturing.

    Partners & Suppliers

    Astreea has long standing relationships with our suppliers. We have a very strong and reliable network of partners that provide the raw materials we need to meet current and future production needs. Astreea and our partners are prepared to meet supply needs for large wholesale supply of our products into the North American Market.




    If you have an online business and which to feature the Astreea Igloo we can drop ship direct to your customers. We use Estes World Wide freight forwarding all across the united states. We offer shipment tracking and text notification to the end customer regarding their igloo shipment.

    Drop ship pricing varies depending on location and product ordered. Please contact us for details.

    Factory Direct

    Direct shipping factory to North
    American retail locations is idea.

    Igloos are shipped by container van from Pecica Romania Hamburg Germany by truck and rail car. Shipments cross the Atlantic by ship too with Baltimore, MD. or Huston, TX. It is about 2 weeks faster to ship direct to Baltimore. The current shipping time from Pecica to Baltimore is averaging between 5-6 weeks.

    The current shipping situation is fluid but we are in a much better position than products shipping across the pacific. The current cost with duties and freight is averaging 16K per container from factory to US port.

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    for support and service.

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