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Drake’s solid plan for greatness with OVO includes Astreea!

When it comes to fame essentials, Drake wrote the book on stardom. The Canadian rap artist made it big and he’s not done with his world conquering plans. His company called “October’s Very Own”, described as a global lifestyle brand does it all, from promoting art to delivering street fashion.

Yes, OVO is a lifestyle that matches all cultures and it’s made to bring everyone together, just like Drake’s music. The brand is the embodiment of success, defining sophistication with the simplest of lines.

Drake’s scheme to achieve greatness leaves nothing to chance. And we understand that all too well. Our Astreea® L model was delivered to OVO around the world, from Los Angeles to Tokio, from London to Las Vegas, to accompany Drake’s teams in their everyday dream to reach for the stars. We believe nothing should come in the way of success!

As Drake says, what a time to be alive!

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